Islamic Relief based London INGO help 1,100 families in Kolannawa, Welampitiya

(Ashraff.A. Samad)

Islamic Relief Worldwide is an one of the largest INGOs in the world serving around 40 countries  provides  humanitarian assistance to the needy people without discriminating on races, religions, colors etc.

Islamic Relief Sri Lanka established in Sri lanka in 2004  soon after Tsunami and continues its operation across the country . It implements many projects to the needy including orphan project , Water Sanitation, Education support, Seasonal project and Emergency response.

As part of its activities, Islamic Relief Sri Lanka (officials) acted to respond to the recent flood emergency that affected many parts of the country. In this connection it distributed 1,100 dry food packs to the most affected 1,100 families from Sinhala and Muslim Communities in Kolannawa division in Colombo-  each worth apx Rs.3,000 The activities was coordinated with Relief Coordination committee , Unicef, volunteers and other actors on the ground.a0e14b08-a9f2-4b39-b528-b723fe68e08c

Islamic Relief sri Lanka country Representative Ibrahim Sabri handed over this dry food packs handed over Wellampitya Weritiyawatha on 27th May

This Project was funded by Sheikh Thani Bin Abdullah for Humanitarian services (RAF) and implemented by Islamic Relief Worldwide-Sri Lanka. The beneficiaries really happy as they lost every thing from this devastation including their livelihood, vehicles, utensils, clothes and books stationeries etc.

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