Above is, Sri Lanka Cancer Hospital needs a PET Scanner, which can save lives by diagnosing CANCER by 97% Accuracy. Cost is LKR 200MN. A special Launch Program is scheduled on 4th March ’16 to collect this funds to Donate this machine. “This is Our nations & we are all the Children of our motherland, & let’s stretch the Hands to help each other”
Why deos APEKSHA Hospital need a PET scanner?

1) It is the only government hospital for cancer patients in Sri Lanka
2) Without a PET Scanner doctors can only do ‘guess work’ when treating patients
3) Obtaining a PET scan from a private hospital in Colombo costs Rs.150,000 per scan
4) 99% of cancer patients in Sri Lanka are unable to afford PET scans because during the course of the treatment the patient is required to take at least 10 scans

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